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Congratulations, it’s a Maru! [via]

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Emi Ueoka

Emi Ueoka

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Famous paintings starring our favourite Springfieldians. 


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1- You are not your size at Forever21.

2- Just because this shapeless dump of a see-through shirt at F21 makes you look like a weirdo marshmallow cloud does not mean you are not a true marshmallow cloud in real life. You are. You are the Beautiful, Reigning Queen of The Marshmallow Clouds.

3- Your body’s beauty is being smothered by this sweater you are attempting to try on at one of Forever 21’s many locations. Oh, wow, this sweater doesn’t even fit over your boobs. You can barely fit this studded cross with French words all over it over your boobs. And it’s your size! Oh, wait, I’m sorry. It’s a 13-year old girl clutching this sweater. You are 25 and trying on a teenager.

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